We get a lot of tourists in this area of Montana, and they’re all mainly here to enjoy one thing: the natural beauty of this area of the country. Being in the area where many people begin their journey into Glacier National Park, this really comes as no surprise. While many of us may have gotten used to having these stunning vistas in our backyards, there is one way we can renew our love of the great outdoors: new window treatments. With the proper window treatments, we can acquire a reinvigorated love both for our windows, and for what we can see out of them. Keep reading to let The Blind Guy of Kalispell inform you about custom blind options for homes in the greater Kalispell area, MT.

Real Wood Blinds

We do have something of a rugged, pioneer sensibility here in Montana. Whether that means you have a gorgeous log cabin, or you prefer to incorporate outdoorsy elements into your more modern home, real wood blinds are a perennial favorite. Particularly if you choose to have your wood blinds stained to enhance the natural grain of the wood, you can bring a sense of timeless elegance to your home. However, if you simply love the idea of having top quality blinds in your home, or you enjoy the durability of wood, you can also have them painted to match any décor scheme your home may currently have.

Faux Wood Blinds

Not every window we have is in a relaxed bedroom or airy living room. Spaces like bathrooms and kitchens need window coverings too, and real wood is not the ideal choice for these spaces. The heat and humidity that kitchens and bathrooms experience can damage wood over time, which is why faux wood blinds are the perfect choice for these rooms. In addition to being able to withstand high heat and moisture, faux wood blinds also have a nearly identical look to real wood, resulting in a truly revolutionary window covering.

Aluminum Blinds

Do you have a color in your space that you just can’t seem to match? Or do you have a window with a truly unique need for light control? In these situations, aluminum blinds may be the perfect choice for you. Our aluminum blinds are available in the widest range of hues and slat sizes of any of our blinds, making them an ideal choice for windows that are truly unique.